Garcinia Cambogia Dosage

garcinia cambogia dosageEveryone wants to look slimmer but the tedious routine often takes them aback. Either they are too strict or so confusing that it get too tough to follow. It’s often seen that people fall in the confused trap of topsy -turvy schedule to get slimmer and slowly tend to lose hope. Garcinia Cambogia comes as a simple solution and a simple procedure to put you back in your old pair of jeans.

Garcinia Cambogia is among that fruit that could be put to several uses. In many countries it is seen to be used while cooking food and even in traditional medicines too. Imagine a single product which makes your food tastier, heals you and at the same time gives you the dream postures.

Things to keep in mind while using it

In case if you are pregnant or if you have not attend the adult age than it is highly suggested that never commence it without prior advice from your physician. Surely adding it as dietary supplement is a good idea but it should be done accordance with the consultation of the doctor. Precaution is always better than cure, so consulting a doctor before starting it or any other medication is always recommended.


Two capsules are taken at a time and the ingredients of one serve are not too complicated or lengthy and thus can be taken easily. it contains completely rind extracted Garcinia Cambogia 100 mg  with a portion of 60% HCA in one serve along with Calcium 50mg, 50mg Potassium, Chromium 200mg and Gelatin Capsules that contains no artificial ingredients, zero fillers and zero binders.


No hard and fast rules need to be followed when you start using it. The procedure of consuming it is too simple. You need to take it thrice a day and two capsules a day. Remember to take it before your meal. Often the time gap between your meal and this medication should be not less than 30 minutes and not more than 2 hours before the meals you take. Roughly you consume 3,000 mg a day via these 6 tablets. In order to have maximum benefits you should take it without gap regularly before eating your meals.


It is often seen that there are certain brands of these products that are packed with too much of fillers which are not good for the health. Excess of fillers reduces the effect Hydroxycitric acid and you may not get the desired results. Above all stick to the brand that provides all the ingredients. Never fail to check the ingredients that are mentioned in the label. Present health situation also decides the type of ingredients you choose so remember to choose according to your health. It’s often seen calcium or potassium are either included together or any one of them is added to the product

So now look slim with ease without bothering about any side effects as this is completely natural. You need not worry about anything while consuming this product as it’s not only safe but free of any side effects too!